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WEEE Product Take Back for EU Customers

Environmental Compliance
RoHS & WEEE Compliance from the Customer Perspective
Supplier RoHS Responsibility

In an effort to improve waste management in the European Union, the European Union has enacted a Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE Directive)

According to the WEEE Directive, Multiplexx must take back waste electrical or electronic equipment covered under the WEEE Directive, at its cost, for all products it puts on the market after 13 August 2005.

Products entitled to free take-back are labelled with the WEEE label on the product or packaging: 

Multiplexx products are very competitively priced.  Any new increase in operating costs for dealers such as Multiplexx is normally reflected in a price increase in the product.  However, instead of increasing the prices of our products Multiplexx has decided to share these new environmental costs directly with our customers.  We believe in being transparent with you on any new environmental costs that our products need to address.

Our approach to sharing these new environmental costs is:

1. You pay for transportation of your WEEE to Multiplexx's appointed recycler.
2. Multiplexx pays for the costs of treatment, recycling and recovery of the WEEE to meet the targets set by the WEEE Regulations.
3. Multiplexx pays for the costs of data management and reporting to the Environment Agency to demonstrate compliance with all administrative requirements of the WEEE Regulations.
The returns process:

1. Customer contacts the Multiplexx Help Desk on +44 845 838 1565
2. Customer sends product to Multiplexx using the address provided by the Help Desk
3. All products must have accompanying documentation to be accepted (to be advised by Help Desk)
4. All returns must have the appropriate documentation affixed to outside of the package.



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