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Live Project – Multiplexx Drawing Office

Major UK Retailer rolls out network expansion for Guest Access

The Multiplexx Drawing office are currently working on a project for a major UK retailer/end-user on behalf of Motorola Solutions.Project involves a small dedicated team taking the end customers site drawings and ‘cleaning’ them with the latest Auto-Cad package.

Drawings are then processed through our LANPlanner application to enable predictive site-surveys to be completed.

Motorola LANPlanner

Motorola LANPlanner facilitates quick and accurate planning, design and measurement of robust 802.11a/b/g/n networks for demanding applications in the most challenging environments.

By accounting for the number of users, the deployment environment, the technology to be installed and the applications in use - including wireless voice over IP - LANPlanner recommends placement and density of equipment for optimal performance and provides site survey tools for network validation and troubleshooting.

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Features and Benefits

LANPlanner enables network planners to rapidly and accurately design robust wireless networks with the capacity, reliability, performance and infrastructure required for business critical wireless applications.


Create RF-Intelligent, Site-Specific DesignsLP_12-14_011-200px

  • Quickly load AutoCAD, PDF, JPEG, and any common building or site map file format.
  • Build a site-specific, RF-intelligent model of the wireless deployment facility using LANPlanner’s embedded RF Attenuation Library.
  • Graphically visualize the physical location and configuration of all installed network equipment.
  • Automatically generate bill-of-materials and maintenance records for use by deployment teams and in future network expansion.


Simulate Network Performance

  • Place network equipment and visualize wireless performance, including how applications and number of users will impact Quality of Service.
  • Realize the full benefit of 802.11n’s Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology by visualizing site-specific MIMO effects of the deployment environment in homogeneous 11n or mixed 11a/b/g/n networks.


Migrate to 11n Technologysitesurvey_planningtools-200px

  • Eliminate the guesswork of upgrading an existing 802.11a/b/g network to 802.11n with LANPlanner’s network migration wizard.
  • Visualize coverage differences in a “rip and replace” scenario upgrading from legacy equipment to 11n equipment.
  • Evaluate wireless performance in networks that include both 11n and legacy APs.


Customize Equipment Parameters

  • Use LANPlanner’s pre-installed access points and hundreds of antenna options.
  • Add, configure or change access points and antennas to meet the unique deployment requirements.


Obtain Automated Placement Recommendations

  • Define application throughput requirements, and LANPlanner will make recommendations for the placement and settings of access points or sensors


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