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Vehicle Top Mounted Holster for Motorola MC9200G/ 9190G / 9090G

Nylon Vehicle Mounted Holster for Motorola

Product ID:  0000-0469

Guide Price: £182.39

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The best selling holster for the Motorola MC9200G / MC9190G / MC9090G Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA). Made from ballistic nylon for all day and everyday use.

The Motorola Solutions MC9200G / MC9190G / MC9090G Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) holster takes users experience to the next level, allowing workers to keep their PDA's in a convenient place while carrying out their duties around the workplace. It allows them to work faster and more efficient as they have their device always ready for use.

 vehicle mounted holster for motorola

 vehicle top holster for motorola double

The user-friendly Motorola MC9200G / 9190G / 9090G holster is designed for use with models with the pistol grip attachment. The device of this type fits snugly into the holster, also the user can adjust the holder angle to place the PDA in the most comfortable position. The pre-drilled holes in the U bracket allow using the holster as both a vehicle top-mounted and a desktop holster. This robustly designed holster is made from ballistic nylon offering lightweight and ergonomic shape for day and everyday use and protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be mounted into desktop or vehicle
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • For use with models with the pistol grip attachment
  • Adjustable angle for convenient positioning
  • Safety strap to attach PDA to the holster
  • Constructed from mild steel and ballistic nylon for protection and ergonomic fit

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